3 Types of Buying Fake ID Cards Online


There is no doubt that young people like nightlife and drinking these days, especially those who just turned 18. Although minors like to encounter all this and think getting a my god id will do the trick. Still, due to the myriad of tricks associated with online fake IDs and other illegal practices, it can be difficult to find the perfect location to get a real fake ID.

This post will be your completed manual on getting idgod scannable fake ID cards online. Here, we’ll introduce you to the types of fake IDs you can access right away and the scammer’s exit plan. Towards the end of this conversation, you will also know where to safely buy such IDs from the popular idgod.cz.

Whether you’re a globetrotter, or a typical student eager to party with real character, this information will be your guide.

There are many kinds of fake ID cards

The three types of fake IDs that are accessible are student IDs, driver’s licenses and travel documents. Each card is accompanied by luxurious highlights and advantages for your attention below, available from idgod websites such as idgod.cz.

student card

This card is issued to school-going students and contains their name, date of birth, photo and various details.

From the actual name it tends to feel like the card can be used by the student, including the address, printed school logo, etc. as identification. In fact, even fake IDs are overwritten to prevent harm from being used.

driver license

This card is the most well known type of idgod scannable fake id and can be obtained effortlessly and covered to eliminate the possibility of wear and tear. It utilizes a 3D image configuration to record your name, birth details, address and photo, as well as your status.

If you have any desire to get a unique driver’s license, you should be at least 18 years old, educated, have past driving experience, a perfect driving record, and finally a large number of driver’s licenses in your country.


It is also a commonly used identifiable certificate and can be produced and manufactured in plastic or paper. It also contains every important detail such as your name, photo, photo, ethnicity, etc. and is covered.

Often, setting up a fake visa can be a hassle as it requires a stamp of authority on the correct area, clarity and photo, as well as extra text or other security points that can be hidden by inspection.


When they use a different material than paper or plastic to make your ID card, you can no doubt tell the difference between buying idgod fake id online scammers because both materials are used to design the real card.

The presence of multi-dimensional imagery, your accurate photo and the overlay of the card indicates it is real. In any case, please understand that you have been deceived. These three priorities apply to travel documents and driver’s licenses.