About IDGod Shipping Services


You can choose standard or express. In both cases, the bundle came right away and didn’t disappoint. Shipping is included in idgod prices.

In any case, be careful when completing the structure and entering your shipping address. If you misprint, idgod.cz will send the idgod fake id exactly to the area you specified. You should collect a bundle from that point or request another bundle without any preparation.

However, if you write the correct address and the sender makes a mistake, the idgod website will make up for it quickly and the cost will be borne by the sender. Still, 99.9% of the time, everything works out in a good way and probably won’t have any shipping issues.

free delivery
Standard shipping process takes 7-10 days. The activation begins when the status of the request in your customer profile is refreshed to Payment Received.

Undertaking supervisors ask clients to exercise restraint during these three weeks. People who try to contact idgod.cz to ask if they can speed up the cycle are told that it is difficult to thwart the business mechanism. If you can barely stand 7-10 weeks, go ahead and use the Express or ASAP options listed below.

In your customer profile you can follow shipping cycles. Refresh is convenient and extensive. When your idgod scannable ID appears in the location you identified, you have 30 days to get it.

The dispatch type of idgod.cz differs from the usual approach of such administrations. The idgod fake id provider is always busy so your request won’t get processed faster than someone else’s, but it will take weeks to transmit. In any case, a specific appearance date cannot be predicted in advance. For example, most likely 2 weeks instead of 3 weeks.

You will pay an additional $19.99 when applying for 1 ID in Express Mode.

Ship as soon as possible
It’s hot. IDGod will deliver your idgod scannable fake ID the day after you submit your request (but it may take up to a day and a half)

The most efficient way to follow your IDGod request
The system below is so simple that you don’t need to pay extra for it. After you pay for idgod fake id, its status in your customer profile changes to payment received. Therefore, the development of the country is like this:

In Progress — this means idgod.cz is processing your request
Ready to Ship – Your ID has been printed and will ship immediately
Shipped – Request has left idgod’s processing facility in China
Accompanying the following – a bundle will be sent to you.
In the final stage, you can filter the situation based on your request on the carrier’s website using the special number below.