Best fake ID sites recommended in 2022


Buying fake ID cards has become a new adult necessity in 2022. This is the ultimate pass to enter and enjoy without age restrictions.

Participating in our social activities is often age-restricted, and as adults we all look for another adult to help us through this, and that’s life.

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Currently, most identity makers are out of business due to the coronavirus outbreak. Based in China, ships 90% of its IDs to the market.

To make sure you’re ordering from the right supplier, you need to double-check your name and domain name to make sure you’re ordering from the right place and there’s no fraud.

The site plays an important role in any vendor’s reputation, so make sure has a user-friendly website that you can easily navigate to.

To place an order, you need to fill out a small form and upload a photo and signature. It even offers several different types of payment methods to make your life easier.

There is also a small section to answer all questions (FAQ). They cover almost any topic one can think of. The overall look and feel of the site is very professional. also ensures that all holograms, UVs and other features are placed correctly and pass all tests. The thing that stands out about the id god is that it looks and feels authentic as it is made of PVC and Tezrin. Security can mess with them as they please. Cards will not crack or dent. They are as solid as the ground you stand on. This says something.

Overall, creates fake idgod scannable ID cards to provide a satisfying customer experience. You can be sure the company won’t lie to you. In fact, all dispatched IDs are guaranteed to be in sync with the actual ID in the state. The template is updated every time the government updates it to ensure fake IDs can be displayed.