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Why choose us
There are fake novelty ID junkies everywhere, and we are one of them. There are many ID creator websites on the internet. After going through their horrible request framework and customer service, we chose to make our own authentic, reliable and original idgod website. We enjoy 5 benefits:

  1. Concealed Transport

Your safety is our paramount concern. Every one of our packages is covered like a regular letter to ensure it doesn’t get caught by the courier.

  1. Safe and reliable

All fake and weird idgod scannable IDs we provide make sure all data is scanned and displayed accurately, we copy 100% of 3D images to real IDs. Our ID passed the curve evaluation and low light test with ease. We offer fake and weird IDs with all the security highlights.

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Our excellent fake ID cards will continue to help you in critical moments. What’s more, this fake ID only costs you a little and is worth the effort. In associations with fake IDs of similar quality, our idgod prices are very real because we didn’t compare fake IDs to spam. We also offer different limits, bulk purchase limits, companion greeting rewards, occasion coupons, and the most notable limits we give sellers. This is everything on our site, so we take the fake ID business very seriously.

  1. Protected Fast Request Experience

We used to buy idgod fake ids via email or co-workers and were often disappointed by communication errors. Buying online is currently much simpler. We built a fully robotic request framework that allows you to complete the entire request process yourself. We don’t actually know what your identity is. Besides, we accept Bitcoin–Best payment method , Western Union – Money Transfer, MoneyGram – Money Transfer, Paypal and Bank Transfer, allowing you to complete the payment without any problem. Once the payment is complete, the request will naturally start to create the interaction, and then it will be shipped by courier. This should be done within a few days.

  1. Customer assistance

We are at your service 7 days a week and we will answer your every inquiry. We will meet your every requirement.