Best Sites to Get Massachusetts Fake IDs


Hi guys. I would like to share with you my wonderful experience buying a fake Massachusetts ID. There is an interesting story at the beginning of mine. So this is my first time. I’ve heard many times from my friends and teammates but no one has ever done this, it’s just a rumor. But I really need an idgod scannable card. Because being under 21 drinking, going to a casino, dealing with prostitutes or joining a club is a big deal.

I live in New York. In our state, if you are under the age of 21, the law prohibits illegal drinking. When I was 18, I wanted to have a good time with my friends. By the way, all my friends get old (I think I’m lucky, lol), but it doesn’t. I can buy wine even if it is bought by a friend, but joining the club is really a big problem for me and it breaks my heart!

I started searching the internet for various idgod websites that create fake IDs. I decided to buy a fake Massachusetts ID. Obviously, it’s better to have a fake ID from another state. All the guards and bartenders know what their ID looks like, so it’s easy to spot fakes. It is better to have an ID card from another neighboring country. I can’t choose the right one because I have a lot of information and I’m afraid of fraud. No one can give me any advice. Maybe just some information. For about a month now I’ve been trying to find the right website to get high quality idgod scannable fake id cards. Honestly, it’s not easy.

First of all, I read a lot of comments about the staff but it didn’t really help. But there is one thing I understand and will always remember. I hope it can teach me some lessons. I would like to recommend to you: pay attention to your order and pay attention to the condition of the idgod website. If you live in the US, please do not use Western Union to buy fake Massachusetts ID cards. impossible. impossible. Please read my ID review before buying a fake id. This will help you make the right choice. I can give you some examples:

1) The first site I found was – I made a request and got a response saying my ID was ready in 3 days. But it’s just fake. Three days later, I checked my email (no response) and tried to check the site again, but couldn’t find it.

2) The second is fakeyourdrunk – in short, it’s fucking sh*t. I will tell you about the suspicious system. The payment system was unclear and I had to track ads by site. This is a waste of time.

3) The third is, but after reading some negative reviews about it, I decided not to take the chance. I read reviews like “never buy from idgod fake id sites that sign or agree to a disclaimer” And they’ve been vilifying their peers for the chance to compete maliciously. This disgusts me..

4) Finally I found the biggest site. Here is the reference to So my request was answered immediately and the payment was clear and not too difficult. Yes, this fake Massachusetts ID is a little more expensive than other cards,
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