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Davis said offers 47 state and U.S. driver’s licenses that are idgod scannable barcodes that, to the naked eye, are practically indistinguishable from legal IDs unless someone takes you from Drive away from the bar. Buy booze without restrictions, go to over 21 bars, clubs and shows, and spend most of her time battling America in the age of fine wine, like her fellow Tim James.

“When you’re 18, you can get a car loan, a home loan, fight for the country, live alone, buy tobacco, go to jail, and more,” said ISU student James. “By that, I mean, it doesn’t seem appropriate to set the drinking age at 21.”

Davis and James, who changed their names to protect their namelessness, are north of 21 because of their idgod fake ids.

Both bought trusted fakes from seller The seller is well-known in the online community for the quality of the manufacturing IDs, and this is a trusted supplier on the Reddit community r/fakeid. According to r/fakeid, the site has been creating top-notch IDs for over 12 consecutive months without delays.

The website appears to be a simple WordPress blog rather than a web-based model retailer, full of punctuation and odd sentence structures. Its landing page praised the experience of owning a fake. Aside from one plastic card, this is a series of encounters promoted by

“Are you thinking about those parties and those wines? Are you and your companions willing to be a part of it?

On the cost page, gives an extensive list of states, each of which doesn’t cost a fortune. Davies said they are all over the United States, no matter which state you belong to, all idgod prices are only $120 each, and if you invite friends to buy together, the price will be as low as $60 (group price). says Connecticut is “sexy” in its latest form, the state. Wow, start now! “

Regardless of the language dangers, Davis and James applaud the site. Davis recommends it to every one of her companions.

“Really, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” she said of the arrangement to get an idgod fake id.

After clicking on the “Request” tab on the idgod website, the buyer completes a structure with the data they need: birth, status, level, weight, hair and eye tone, direction and address (before you have a chance to make it clear .)

Then, there is a space to transfer markers and pictures, with clear guidelines. advises, wear dull clothes, take pictures with a live camera, and take advantage of the winning streak. Marks should be written on white PC paper with Sharpie.