Frequently Asked Questions about idgod


Are there any scam sites that make fake IDs?

There may be some scam sites, but there are also many genuine idgod websites. Fraud sites claim they can provide secure scannable fake IDs. But they want to steal your information. To avoid these scam sites, you are advised to visit the trusted, the best provider of ID GOD.

Is it legal to make fake ID cards in the US?

Well, incorrect is legal. But fake IDs are mostly used in parts where no police investigation or any legal process is valid. Make it easy for college students to have fun with these fake IDs. But you can’t walk around with this fake ID.

How much does it cost to make a fake ID?

For different websites, the price range for making fake ID cards will verify different price ranges. Also, idgod prices vary by state. Each specific state has additional requirements for making fake IDs. Around $60 to $125 is the widest range to make the perfect fake ID online.

I don’t live in these states. Should I still buy an ID card?

It is OK to use an ID card from a state other than your place of residence. International students and students from other states are common in college towns, so ID cards from other states are not at all unusual.

I got a new ID, but I found some incorrect information on the ID. Can I ask for a new one?

Yes, each ID comes with three months of free replacement.

Can I do an ID card before sending money?

Yes. You can text me on twitter/facebook/whatsapp and I will make the idgod scannable ID for you first and then send you the ID photo you want. order. Then send the payment..

I placed an order and paid, but I no longer need an ID. Can I get a refund?

the answer is negative. Once we have sent the package, we will not be able to issue a refund. So make sure you really want one of our fake IDs before paying!

I don’t want to provide an address. Is this ok?

Yes, we can help you make fake address on id.

Do you add shadows to pictures?

Yes. We will re-edit the photos provided by the client and add shadows as needed. Image quality is important, and it is imperative to provide high-quality photos.

I want to be a dealer.

If you join our reseller program, we can give you a group purchase price. The minimum order quantity for agents is 10 IDs per order. You can email us at and we will give you the best price once you submit your order to the idgod website.

How long will my fake ID take?

First, it takes 2-4 days to make an ID.

Shipping time:

  1. Courier/Courier Service: As we charge an additional fee ($50) for this type of order, we will prioritize the order and ship the ID via DHL, which requires minimum (3-4 days) and maximum (7-8 days) delivery goods.
  2. Standard Service: will ship your ID via standard shipping, which is free and takes 7-14 business days.
  3. Shipping: DHL, FEDEX, USPS, EMS. Most of our packages are delivered using EMS and USPS. DHL is only available for express delivery.

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in conclusion:

Making fake ID cards has now become a common concern among teenagers. It’s a key card that reveals the freedom they enjoy in their lives.

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