Goal attainment and repetition rates for individuals using fake ID infographics


There are countless people detailing fake IDs, and we need to understand how well they actually work. More than 3/4 of the fake ID customers reported that their idgod fake ID has been valid no less than once, and the success rate is very high.

How long did individuals use their fake IDs to make a chart

No matter how compelling fake ID cards are, eventually everyone will give up using them sooner or later. Of course, the main reason individuals give up using idgod scannable fake IDs is that they are of legal drinking age. Nonetheless, we think about half of the respondents involved their fakes more than a year before reaching this point.

Nonetheless, an interesting piece of information we tracked in this study is that 20- to 30-year-olds are many times more likely to lose my god id than Generation X. While our research doesn’t lead us to understand why the numbers are so uneven between these ages, we find the distinction too fascinating to be noticed.

Failed to fake ID by created chart

While the vast majority of people stop using their IDs once they’re mature enough to buy alcohol legally, there are still plenty of people whose fakes fail. We asked these people why their IDs were identified as fake, and oddly enough, the two age groups with the largest age gap, Gen X and recent college graduates, came up with their idgod fake IDs not being authentic enough to Recognized as fake. Then again, Gen X definitely don’t like this, but have problems recalling the subtleties of ID when standing with them.

Fake ID Disappointment

Realizing why id god fake id failed, we also checked their shortcomings and differentiated them by direction. In general, we found that fake IDs used by men fail 13% sooner than fake IDs used by women. Men were also 8% more likely to see a bombed ID at a bar than women.

Distinguish between the ratio of fake ID and genuine product

Finally, we asked respondents to let us know what on their fake ID differed from their real ID (not including age, obviously). We found that over 33% of my god ids had two specific data of interest, weight and the courier where the ID was located, while individuals ensured that all of the more effective identifying elements (like eye and hair type) matched reality .

While having an idgod fake id might seem like an option for young people, we might want to tell you they are illegal, drinking underage can lead to alcohol dependence problems later in life, research shows fake id ownership Increases the risk of binge drinking. If you encounter such problems, we are here to help you. If you or someone you know has problems with alcohol and alcohol dependence, please contact E-Mail immediately: [email protected].