How to pay for fake ID cards


how we will do
Send us your own digital photo you can take against any coloured wall or backdrop. Wear dark, contrasting colors that cover your skin and keep your hair neat. This is what you need to worry about! Let us do our work and give you a taste of some freedom!

We are the best market leader when it comes to selling fake ID cards. We split into two different teams to create the highest quality scannable fake IDs. A full professional team will be responsible for the entire process of making fake ID cards. On the other hand, the other team lost
Responsible for quality control.

Our technicians are very dedicated and willing to take extreme measures to meet the needs of our customers. We always take orders immediately, and once it starts, our work is faster and more efficient.

In order to provide the highest quality fake IDs, we need certain quality documents listed below.

High-quality digital photos with colored walls or backgrounds

When shooting, make sure you are wearing a dark contrasting cloth that completely covers your skin area

Keep your hair neat and beautiful in photos

That’s it! Once you provide, allow us to use our legal fake ID to do our job and enjoy real freedom.

How to pay?

We accept multiple payment methods such as Bitcoin – Best Payment Method, Western Union – Money Transfer, MoneyGram – Money Transfer, PayPal and Bank Transfer, giving you more options.
From $60 (group orders)