How to Take a Decent Photo For Your License


When you are sending us a photo to be implanted on a fake id template then, you must know that we are not asking you to send us a selfie or a glamour shot. A decent passport sized photo that isn’t blurry can reduce fifty percent of confiscation risk of your fake driver’s license upon validation.

We do not ask you to take a photo behind blue or white background. You can stand anywhere as long as not outside and, take a photo in normal lighting. We use highly professional Photoshop members in our team to alter each element in your image that will create a hurdle upon inspecting your license. However, if you sent us a perfect photo of yourself then, you can make it easy for us to perfect your ID card. We will provide some key guidelines below that you can be careful about while taking a snap of yourself.

  • Excessive make up is not recommended and, it usually distorts the flash by reflecting.
  • Use of flash is recommended in dark places.
  • Do not look anywhere else but only towards the camera during the process.
  • Do not take a snap unless you are ready. Most people are not ready when taking photos that results in blurry pixels.
  • The use of a scarf, long coat, or hat is not allowed and, makes your photo look sketchy upon inspection.
  • Make sure your hair is even and, not messed up.
  • Wear casual or plain shirt if you don’t know what to wear.
  • Stick your Chin out a little and, your photo will be perfect.
  • Smiling is fine but do not laugh excessively and, especially if you are not looking at the camera.

These are some vital instructions that will help contribute getting a good-looking photo of yourself. Below is an example with practical guideline on how to place your camera and look while taking an image. Please read and, follow this guide it will help.