ID card god from China. Part 1 Preface


In the internet age, it has never been easier for a model teenager to change the soul

Andy*’s most memorable idgod was delivered from China immediately after his first year.
He and a close mate of 18 years had come to the ideal conclusion of letting us buy beer with IDs, so they submitted a request to, the world’s largest provider of web-based fake IDs. was both a businessman’s name and a real person, Andy understood; he first heard the name in his sophomore year of high school, from a senior with ID. “He was essentially a divine being. A lot of Chinese men — who could be criminals or involved in coordinated wrongdoing, no one really knew, no doubt — formed IDChief, a fake ID card provided to young Americans The monsters,” he said “as they got bigger and there was more pressure inside, they split into various ‘organizations’, one of which became, which eventually became the best. “

Andy, now a 19-year-old sophomore in the Midwest, has accumulated about 20 additional fake IDs. His thoughts are self-evident (and timeless): For years, fake IDs have been a terrific ticket for teens to get in before the adult obscenity realm (bars and gambling clubs), and for those in their 20s , which is of course a necessity.

You might think Andy doesn’t need two dozen idgod fake ids, but can he still keep up with the rapid pace of technological innovation? “People do things to make sure they have the best product on the market, and that’s why people like me have so many IDs.” He showed me a few of his most recent photos—a fake Utah one State license, which is probably the best license available today. (It’s definitely legal, as I thought.) The key, he says, is that the idgod scannable replicates the unique perforations and microprints found on most real ID cards under UV light.

He suggested taking my California ID and looking for a bear cub in the sun, one of the Golden State’s piercings. These security include the insightful fake IDs that customers search for when looking for suppliers, because they are the main thing that prepared bouncers and liquor store owners search for when trying to detect fakes, and without sophisticated machines, they Hard to replicate.

In any case, the biggest goal is to overcome the idgod fake id owner’s worst nightmare: box scanners. Small boxes display all ID data on the screen, which can be effectively seen by bouncers, retailers or club staff to identify fakes. The container scanner checks the entire front and back of the ID card and sees it as the real id god. It couldn’t complete the scanner’s assessment because there was no ideal fake ID. Fortunately, Andy, they’re not so normal. The vast majority of them are in Boston, a popular school city in our country.

In any case, the biggest aspect of Andy’s need for the fake IDs he needs to collect from each of the 50 states is that he uses them to buy booze for far more than that. They are a way to elevate your life, he said. Suppose a gallery in Chicago offers passers-by to the state’s residents, and he’ll take out his fake Illinois id god. If the Bronx Zoo is running a similar promotion, he has a New York promotion.