ID Card God from China, Part 2 Production


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Fake IDs are often difficult to obtain. In 2013, I bought a fake ID from a 10th grader at another school for $700. In fact, even at the age of 15, Phil* had a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit and was naturally inclined to corner the fake ID market at our New England prep school. “Once I got rid of my losses,” he recalls, “I minted coins.”

$700 contains a giant industrial laminator that hums like a Xerox machine and takes 20 minutes to heat up; several sheets of transparencies; floppy disks containing counterfeit formats from the New Hampshire DMV; the signature of its commissioner; Guided practice of skilled methods to join them to provide a license tutorial that allows the holder to work an engine vehicle in New Hampshire. I’m one of Phil’s most memorable clients, and I chose “Frederick Lunt,” a name I recently saw in my European history textbook. My roommate was “Stephen J. Olmstead” and the Cuban across the hall was “Muhammad Schnitzel”.

However, Phil underestimated the interest in his fake and the expectation to learn and adapt to make it happen, which involved a complex, multi-step process. It involves taking a dedicated Polaroid before a blue towel swings from the entrance to his dorm room, putting it in an ID shaper, and peeling off the back layer, leaving only a blade-like slender photo. “However, [the person I bought from] didn’t mention that you wanted a laser printer to print these things,” he recalls. “I quickly realized that the Inkjet Stylewriter 2 my family bought me wouldn’t cut it.”

The main laser printer in the dorm is owned by students Bill and Ross Wang from China, who are encouraged to use “easy-to-understand” English names. “I need to deceive Brother Wang, I’m printing important authoritative reports,” Phil said.

“However, in the end, Xiao Wang found me and told his brother, and he said, ‘We know what idgod fake id you have printed on our computers. I’m not going to hand you over, but never again Approaching our room.’ “

As a result, word came out unsolicited that a young man in his sophomore dorm was making a near-perfect idgod scannable fake ID. The next day Phil came back to find five old men sitting in his room who wanted to go to a 21+ party at Stratton Hill next weekend and would kick his ass if he didn’t.

So Phil needs to make five id gods in 7 days – no laser printer – or risk being beaten by five much bigger men. With the enterprising spirit mentioned above, he slipped into the computer room of the school to print it out, and then immediately erased the files in the commonly used computer. “Let’s say I messed up—in case the film comes off, the photo slips, the ink scatters—I need to start over,” he recalls. “If I get caught by my supervisor, I’ll be expelled from school.”

The trademarks of these IDs—and the id gods that effectively deceived many of New England’s ignorant guardians—are the logos of the New Hampshire DMV owner running up the edge of the photo. Phil would take a piece of blue paper, tape the peeled polaroid, add an up signature to the transparencies, and feed everything into the laminator. If you give each process the ideal opportunity – setting up images, taking real photos, finding laser printers, printing IDs on blue paper, transparencies, reducing loading times, overlays, etc. – it is effectively creating a false ID for each Create two times.

“Even though I’m Jewish, every time I send them past, I say Hooray Mary, because of all the hard work it takes to get there,” Phil said.

He managed to pull it off, however, and the seniors were very grateful after returning from Stratton. “In fact, some people say my ID is the only way they can get the really necessary booze for every party on the weekend,” Phil gloated. And so, he instantly became the most famous and famous kid in the neighborhood. Phil made a total of 35 IDs and sold them at idgod prices of $50 each for a total of $1,700, or typically $24 for 60 minutes. “For a middle school student, that’s a lot of money,” he said. “But it’s clearly not worth the effort.”