ID GOD – Advantages of using


(1) The same material as the status card
Did you know that fake IDs can be valid? designs valid and trusted IDs for you. The ID will be the same material as the state issued card. Therefore, no problem occurs.

(2) Exact details.
To deter people from making a fake id, states often add small details to differentiate between real and fake cards. With, all these little details are embedded in fake IDs. In other words, it looks like a replica of the status card. also ensures that spelling, date of birth, driver’s license number, etc. are added correctly to prevent breaking the law.

(3) Black light test
Bartenders often test IDs for black spots. The UV design of the card can reflect the reliability of the verification card. also created an id god that can pass any black light test id and enter the club without any problems.

(4) scannable fake id
The ID can be passed to the licensed reader for scanning. An accurately scanned ID is real, but an incorrect ID is considered fake. With you will get an ID-encoded 2D barcode and magnetic stripe that any license reader can scan your card idgod scannable.

(5) idgod prices
Fake IDs from are pretty affordable. This price easily fits your budget. From just $60 (group order), you’ll get a valid, reliable fake ID for future generations to use.

(6) Payment method accepts multiple payment methods such as Bitcoin–Best payment method, Western Union – Money Transfer, MoneyGram – Money Transfer, Paypal and Bank Transfer. For security and privacy, it is recommended that you use encrypted methods such as Bitcoin for payment .