ID GOD – Buy California Fake IDs


It is understood that more than 50% of American students have purchased id god fake id online. The purpose of using a fake ID is different. Someone wants to buy alcohol, prostitute or play in a casino. Some students showed their IDs to bodyguards and entered the nightclub without any problems. Therefore, buying fake ID cards is a common phenomenon for most young men and women who dream of “hot” entertainment. When we’re young, we want to enjoy all the goodness of being an adult, and we’re ready to give everything for it. One of the easiest ways to enter the world of nightlife and partying is to get a fake ID. These days, it’s easy to buy a fake id online while sitting in front of your computer at home. Many sellers are offering different state id god fake id. Prices are also different.
Today, I’m going to share my experience on how to buy fake IDs in California.

Fake California cards are made of PVC vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) and have different levels of protection such as holograms and barcodes. The barcode contains information about the owner of the ID card. When ordering an ID card, please pay attention to the id god scannable. We also do not recommend buying fake California ID cards for use in California. If the IDs are of low quality, the bar guards know the above error probability and suggest to buy fake IDs from in neighboring countries. With an ID like this, you won’t lose face when you’re standing across from a nightclub bouncer looking at a fake ID and can’t find it’s real or fake. So don’t hesitate to buy a fake id from a neighboring country. However, make sure you have an idea of ​​the “local” state. It may help you solve my friend’s confusion. He showed the idgod fake id to a curious guard in a neighboring state, who asked some questions about the state. Thank god my friend is a smart guy and his answer is yes.
OK, let’s talk about buying online. Many sites on the Internet now offer the manufacture and sale of California cards. Many manufacturers are in China, and some of them are also in the US and Europe. Chinese manufacturers are usually known for their high quality.

Over a period of about 10 days, we researched the market and customer reviews of California fake ID sellers and placed several orders with different sellers to confirm the service and quality of the IDs. And a few weeks later, I received my package. Fortunately, did not disappoint me, but shocked me. They ship fast, idgod prices are cheap, only $60 per fake ID (group order), and most importantly, their quality is perfect. Because they are from China.