Review 2022

FakeID is a layout provider for the fake ID card industry. The merchant authoritatively issued idgod scannable fake IDs years ago and now offers IDs in 50 states. Whether their quality stands out and undercuts their status may be another question.

What statuses does provide?
This manufacturer sells all new templates available in 2021. They can coordinate with the DMV and continue to plan the format. claims that they don’t need to mimic it in Photoshop. All things being equal, they use a genuine license to reproduce the security components.

What is the pricing for
It is sensible to evaluate for bulk orders, but may be higher for individual orders. Their single ID is priced at $120, but idgod prices may drop to $60 assuming you require at least 10 IDs. They also offer free copies so you don’t have to pay extra.

What makes reliable?
A seller’s presence on Reddit is an area of ​​strength for its authenticity. was working on the Reddit channel /r/fakeid and other related supporters back then, even before they started selling independently on

The user works under the name and has identified and posted various comments on Reddit. They also use Discord to represent customer care and interact with fake ID merchants.

payment method accepts Bitcoin–Best payment method , Western Union – Money Transfer, MoneyGram – Money Transfer, Paypal and Bank Transfer. However, due to the nature of the fake ID business, we recommend against using Paypal with this provider. Customers claim that their Paypal account was restricted or suspended by Paypal customer service after using’s Paypal account. Shipping Options
They use FedEx and standard China Express. Their idgod fake id package is believed to have been shipped from Hong Kong. Due to US Customs investigation, they will not send packages directly from China. The bundle takes a long time to show up.

Fast Shipping: You will pay an extra $30 for this. These are accepted within 10-15 days.
Standard Shipping: This is included in idgod prices, but it takes 15-25 days to appear.

The Nature of Magic Fake ID Cards
Surveys are mixed. Despite the fact that we’ve memorized their roundup of the best fake ID locales, they did do some positive research on IDs. For example, they make incredible New Jersey and Nevada idgod scannable ID cards. These two ids are quite good, so competition for the ongoing business sector is fierce.

Overall, is a good idgod website, you can use their products to deceive professionally trained bodyguards and doormen, and even pass the scanner inspection, but still, it is recommended to try to avoid the police, Used by government agencies such as banks. Their products are not only of high quality, but also have affordable idgod prices, especially when multiple people buy, so it is recommended to order in groups.