IDGOD.CZ Reviews


The group hasn’t been in the fake identity market for very long, but in this short span of a few years, it has achieved an impressive position. is known for its quality. Customers don’t have much dissatisfaction with their idgod fake id. Their focus is usually on one important component; you’ll get a specific state ID with the required qualifications, not another.

As of now, most of the idgod scannable ID manufacturers in the world have gone bankrupt due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. is based in China and 90% of IDs are in shipping.

However, you need to be careful as you may find that some people have small (barely noticeable differences) in the name or domain name when copying their name.

To make sure you’re requesting from the correct provider, you do need to double-check the name and space name so you’re requesting from the ideal location without getting scammed.

Since the idgod website is so important in any seller’s position, makes sure it has an easy-to-understand website that you can easily navigate.

You should complete a small structure and transfer your photos and tags to your request. It even offers several different installment payment techniques to make your life easier.

There is also a small section to answer each of your inquiries (FAQs). They cover almost every subject an individual can imagine. The overall look and feel of the idgod website is very skilled. also guarantees that all 3D images, UVs and different elements are properly positioned and pass all evaluations with ease. Regardless, valuations are subject to change.

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In general, makes readable id god fake id cards and provides a pleasant customer experience. You should rest assured that the organization will not mislead you. To be honest, it guarantees that all the idgod scannable IDs it sends are the same as the real IDs for the state. The format is refreshed every time a public authority refreshes it to make sure you don’t have any difficulty displaying a fake ID.