Involved in forgery of ID cards in the United States


Sadly, idgod fake ids have become part of American middle school and school culture. This training is even deified in many movies, such as Superbad.

At Nursery Treatment, we need to study how and why individuals use my god id. To find out, we profiled a number of people from across the country who have admitted to possessing and being involved in falsified IDs in the past to figure out how they got them, what they were used for, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg .

the age at which they got the fake ID

We are most interested in the ways in which older people obtain fake IDs. Curiously, the results show that younger age groups generally wait longer to get their IDs, with more than half of Gen X and nearly 60% of recent college graduates sticking to 18+ to get their id god fake id . Paradoxically, most people born after World War II say they got fake IDs when they were 17 or younger.

How to get fake ID cards infographic for different age groups

When looking at how individuals obtained fake IDs, we also found fascinating contrasts across age groups. While the most well-known way for Gen Xers and Gen Xers to get ID is from a peer or relative, more than half of people in their 20s and 30s will pay someone to make an ID for them. Given this data, paying people to make fakes is the most well-known way people get idgod scannable fake IDs. We found that the most widely accepted payments among individuals purchasing fake IDs were between $60 and $120.

personusing their fake id to make a chart

For now, we should discuss the different purposes for which respondents use fake IDs. Across all individuals, the most well-known basic use for idgod scannable IDs is to enter a bar, club or gambling club, and the majority of respondents said this was their primary use for falsifying IDs. Curiously, we observed that women were thus more likely to be involved in fakes, 16% higher than men. Then again, male fake ID customers are twice as likely to use their fake ID to buy beer and alcohol.