Need a fake ID? Try not to buy online!


Why do you really want fake IDs?

You’ve recently started your most memorable week in college and you’ve made a lot of new friends. This amazingly sexy young lady you met that week welcomes you to her house for a crazy local party. When you walk into the house, you’re happy to have found another companion and it’s a pleasure to see her again. Music is everywhere, alcoholics and hot young ladies are shouting and moving. After a few beers, part of the gang had an extraordinary idea to go to the club. Your darling baby, basically everyone seems to be very surprised by the idea. As the motors flip to your ears, a major number pops into your head: 21!

Try not to buy fake ID cards online!

If you’re looking for a fake ID, chances are high that you’re underage. If you have a problem, what is the main thing you do? Check it out on Google! For this case, this is the wrong way to solve the problem, as there will be many sites offering my god id. Assuming you surrender and get one of these “unshakable” IDs, you’ll get nothing and lose your cash.

Here are the criteria for knowing if an identity provider is a scammer:

  1. Assuming you find a reliable-looking idgod website, add the “trick” URL to google. Really look at the results and focus on the dissent committee. Remember: everyone can join any board, including those advancing their craft.
  2. Installment payment strategy. Try not to send cash anywhere, this will be the last time you see it. Crafty scammers also offer the option to pay via PayPal. This may be fine for you as you can get your cash back, but when you find out that no ID will contact you at any time, your record to ship will be empty.
  3. Another gimmick is, you give these people your data, they give you a “packaged” ID photo, and you believe: “Suppose I give them cash now, why don’t they give my ID because they It’s done now”, they’ve Photoshopped the preset picture, or they’ve made a low-quality ID that looks great on the image.
  4. Any survey site that indicates the presence of a large number of idgod fake id sellers will usually be shown to similar individuals with suggested fake id sites. think about it.
  5. If the “idgod website” is located in the US or Canada, they are scammers. If they are located in Malaysia they are probably scammers as there is a well known scammer there.
  6. Never sign any agreement or agree to the terms of the offer. Basically read it and I’m sure it was a good time.
  7. Via Western Union, Cash in the Mail, MoneyGram = Scam

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