New Wisconsin driver’s license is the safest in America


DMV update ID is more innovative and more secure.

Driver’s licenses in Wisconsin just got safer — actually the safest in the nation.

DMV Superintendent Ann Perry said the Department of Motor Vehicles, through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, plans to issue another driver’s license, as Wisconsin’s ebb and flow supplier contract is about to end and the department opts for an overhaul.

“With the new provider, we have the opportunity to overhaul the security highlights,” Perry said in an email to The Badger Herald. “Wisconsin’s new [driver’s license] configuration will have the absolute most advanced benefit highlights in the country right now.”

Safety highlights, Perry said, include using high-contrast photos rather than a variety of photos, and coordinating those into strong cards, rather than being “applied” on top or center layers.

There are no particular security concerns with the ongoing Wisconsin ID card, but preventing extortion becomes an issue when the card is delivered, Perry said.

Given that the photo was applied to the top or center layer, the idgod fake IDs of the past are sure to get messed up, Perry said. On the new ID cards, the laser prints high-contrast photos on top-notch polycarbonate cards, Perry said.

Overall, Interaction produced two high-quality, high-contrast images.

“Highly contrasting laser-engraved pictures help zero in on key facial highlights without interruption or change,” says Perry. “This makes the cards harder to counterfeit.”

Making cards difficult to counterfeit means Wisconsin’s idgod scannable fake IDs will be made more seriously.

However, Madison Police Department Sergeant Mike Bachesky said they don’t often encounter Wisconsin idgod fake ids.

“[The new license] could make it easier for some bar staff to distinguish what’s real and so on, but I often see people using fake IDs when they’re not really using Wisconsin IDs,” Bachsky said. “They’re usually from different states.”

While the use of idgod scannable fake IDs is normal on the UW campus, it may be as normal as in some other university local areas, Barcheski said.

Julia Sherman, organizer of the University of Wisconsin Law School’s Alcohol Strategies Program in Wisconsin, said she couldn’t say whether the new grant would deter students from drinking nearby.

“This affects whether a young person decides whether they need to get alcohol from establishments or socially,” Sherman said.

Sherman said if students didn’t use the id god fake id, they could go to adults to buy alcohol illegally.

Individuals under the age of 21 are fundamental outlaws trying to be involved in forging ID cards in the city, Barcheski said. Different purposes, such as wholesale fraud or misrepresentation for monetary reasons, are not common in Madison.

“I’m sure it’s going to work, but that’s probably more doubtful than those trying to imagine they’ve matured,” Balchesky said.

Perry said the new license is currently being enforced at the management center, and all helping communities will receive the new license by the end of October.

Owners of shadow licenses do not have to obtain updated licenses until the ongoing idgod scannable license ends, she said.