“The Source of Fake ID” Serial 1


MARK’s first fake ID was purchased from China during his freshman year in college. This took a few weeks

He and an 18-year-old friend both believed that they wanted to use ID to buy beer, so they placed an order with ID God Vip, which is the world’s largest online fake ID provider. MARK said that ID God Vip is both the name of the supplier and a real individual. A senior told him when he was in high school. He said: “First of all, he is a god. A group of Chinese men-they may be gangs or organized crime groups, and we all realize this without a doubt-created ID God Vip, which is a huge fake ID program, Provided to young people in the United States,” and. “As their business expanded, the contradictions within the group also expanded, so they were divided into different’companies’, one of which was ID God Vip, which proved to be one of the most professional companies.”

Currently, MARK is a 19-year-old sophomore in the Midwest. In fact, he has collected at least 20 or more fake IDs. His idea is obvious (and eternal): from generation to generation, counterfeit IDs have been the tickets for teenagers to obtain behaviors (wine, bars, and casinos) that they could not achieve, which makes them both followers of Hollywood teenagers, And there is a different sense of presence when facing children in their 20s.