Underage consumers using “novelty” cards


idgod fake IDs, sold legally online as novelty cards, are being used by underage consumers to buy alcohol. ABC workers spotted and filmed 18-year-olds and drove a general chain store to train staff to identify young people who were buying fake IDs.

An inspection by ABC staff found many young people had fake idgod scannable IDs, which they often used to buy alcohol. One of the teens she spoke to was a 19-year-old young woman who happily showed her fake ID and said she had been using it to buy alcohol.

To make sure it was natural to get a fake ID, one of them sent a fake date of birth, a visa photo, and $100 to an address on the idgod website (idgod.cz) that claimed to offer novelty cards. In about two weeks, the card is ready to show that an 18-year-old is really 21.

In addition, an 18-year-old young woman with an id god fake id was sent to more than 8 stores to guard against their actions to retain underage consumers, shockingly, all but three of the young women In addition, all things are allowed to buy alcohol. Nothing to ask. After a few questionable inquiries, the other three also felt much better.

When contacted by the site manager, he said the cards were for curious purposes only and that any abuse of minors was not a concern for the idgod website. He also said such cards could be misused and the group could not decide why someone bought the card and passed it on to police to check for misuse of such cards.

While the false use of fake IDs is illegal, it is not illegal to produce or provide such IDs, which has always been the biggest and most vile aspect of underage drinking control. Currently, the general store staff are giving examples of the most proficient way to identify my god id.