USA User Reviews IDGOD.CZ


About a year ago, I reviewed He’s still up and running, I just checked out this forum, there’s a lot of activity, but this should help people out there (please feel free to pm me with questions) [email protected].

Ordering and Customer Service:

The site is still He has done a beautiful redesign of the site and it looks very stylish. Payment methods have changed, you can pay with paypal, MoneyGram, Western Union, Btc, debit cards, etc. are still there, but I don’t recommend using them.

Customer service is no problem, give him a new mailbox, you can send him a message. These are not shown on the website, but if you need to ask him any questions please contact me here at [email protected] and I will email you.


He changed the pricing system several times, but the current ID is $60 for orders of 9 or more. It’s an insane price, and there are discount codes for further discounts.

Shipping-wise, he now charges an extra $50 for Priority Shipping/Skip Queue, or 40% of your order total for “Super Priority” or even faster shipping and an extended 1-year replacement warranty.

Also, he will send you a tracking website based on your shipping method, but just track it on 17track (, which is more reliable, faster and more detailed. As for the delivery time, from order placement to receipt, the priority is about 10 days (although there are differences), and the priority is about 14 days. Standard will take longer, maybe around 3-4 weeks? Not too sure as I don’t usually order standard.

ID card quality

The quality of the UK ID is the same as last time, I believe it was over a year ago. Their quality is not bad, still very good, the actual accuracy of the ID is still incredible and as good as I praised in my first review.

I’ve attached some photos below for people to see, it will expire in a few weeks, so please pm me after that and I’ll send you pictures.
Any questions about ordering etc can pm me [email protected]