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Customers love fast and efficient shipping management. When a customer makes a request to the store on the idgod website, their main concern is the delivery time frame, terms and cost. The time period shown is accurate assuming the purchased item is ready to ship. For example, assuming a three-day lead time, your bundle will appear in two days or less.

Still, it doesn’t matter for fake ID sites like The shipping period shown is half a month, depending on the shipping or delivery process you choose. Still, this doesn’t mean you can get your ID within 14 days. For some clients, it’s a bit of a tangle.

idgod fake id is not something out of the box, you can pick and ship after request. We need to collect customer data, accumulate the necessary materials, including extraordinary security highlights, and then endlessly pack it up for shipping. Since the idgod website manages numerous clients consistently, this cycle can take 4 to 5 days, depending on the request. Despite this planning and creation period, the shipping time frame lasts several weeks, from 5 to 7 days.

Here’s a more accurate breakdown

customer information

It takes a day or 24 hours to collect enough client data, scramble it, and store it for use. Additional space in web-based servers is limited.


Setting the id god fake id takes a little time. Fill in the customer’s photo and enter some other important data. This data includes your name, address, signature, date of birth and license number/expiration date, etc.

security capability

Multidimensional images and other safety highlights like attractive stripes, depending on the state, take all day. During this time, the imitations are covered to stay strong. These cards utilize basic applications such as scanners for conclusive assessments to ensure data is correct and to determine the quality of idgod scannable fake IDs.

Bundling and Shipping

Cycles can last from one to five days, with lead time. After the assessment, staff should pack the my god id safely and confidentially. The website provider should guarantee that the bundle is uncensored and can pass through customs without a hitch.

Obviously, an internet based fake ID website takes about 8 to 10 days to fully plan and print your ID to match the quality you need. In this way, customers can receive their id god fake id package within the last 7 days, taking into account all planned actions, under typical circumstances.

That’s why offers one- to two-week lead times, multi-week expedited delivery, and fourteen-day standard shipping for different orders.

What is crisis transfer?

Serious delivery is a special requirement where the entire fake ID processing takes place within 8 to 10 days. This means that customers can get their idgod scannable fake ID no less than 7 days after making the request. Nonetheless, it comes with conditions, for example, to ensure that there are no structural errors. Still, the interaction may take more time if given the chance.

Again, convenience shipping is an expensive affair compared to free shipping for frequent flyers. Customers bear these costs as it requires less investment to process and deliver fake IDs.

It’s important to note that the idgod website provides about 3 to 5 days during shipping. Nonetheless, as a client, you need to consider the preparation period. You may have to address any oversights or errors and then add delivery timeframes.

What is normal/standard shipping?

For standard shipping, interactions take approximately 10 to 12 days. issues a fourteen day shipping period, which includes processing and printing of counterfeit IDs. Also, if your request has any errors, it may take more time.

Challenges facing freight today

The transfer time is unique with respect to the past. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused each design to make many improvements to its framework. USPS, DHL and FedEx also need to adapt to the disease. Therefore, a package that can be delivered to you in no less than 10 days may take longer today.

Many misjudgment suggestions can quickly communicate fake ID destinations based on customer requirements. Still, it’s hard to configure, process, and serve fake IDs in a matter of days. In this way, customers need to wait longer to get their idgod fake id. strives to be awesome. If you want to get idgod scannable fake ID fast, we ask you to use expedited delivery. Still, if it’s not a crisis, you might stick with 14 days for shipping.