What if the fake ID is taken away?


Consider the possibility of removing fake IDs.

“Most protectors and pub owners will just take your idgod fake id if you get caught, and the police will never reach out (in the city where I live).

The different purposes behind not calling the police

There are many different reasons why a guardian may not call the police for using an idgod scannable ID under a minor. Assuming you are one of them but still stress that the police can make your guardian decisions, then, at this point, you should be aware of the reasons above. Every reason is to stop the dance club owner or club bouncer from calling the officer who can send you to jail.


Police officers have more important activities in their daily work because they are very busy people. If the bouncer would call them over and over again for any young man who goes to school for using the id god fake id, it might annoy them.

Then again, guardians have more important activities than just having teens vouch for their fake age or character by idgod fake id.

So people drop the pressure on the cops and start your drinking fun.

In any case, assuming you’re still terrified of being caught by a guardian and worried that they’ll call the police, then, until then, read how to make an expert ID that doesn’t look like you’re going to get into any exciting moods.