What you need to know about ID GOD


Has Idgod been shut down?
IDGod has been officially shut down by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Hear the cries of college freshmen across the country. ID God’s unraveling has been going on for several years.

Am I using my real name and address on a fake ID?
Assuming your id god fake id is stolen, you don’t need to use any legitimate data, so we recommend using a fake name on your id.

Is ID God ID powerful?
IDGod advertises how great their license is, and many publishers (like The New York Times or others have cited them). But they didn’t praise their quality, recently reminding “IDGod” that their cautious approach wasn’t as good as they advertised.

Is idgod.cz legit?
idgod.cz is not a scam, they just don’t like Covid. They sent me an extremely long email saying “sorry” for two months. This is the real idgod. You can trust this site.

Is idgod.cz authentic?
All things considered, IDgod is basically inseparable from every idgod website. This is why there are various websites with tags like IDgod. To put it bluntly, fake ID sites can become real sellers of fake ID cards if they provide high-quality help.

Which state should my fakes come from?
Generally speaking, there are some minor issues with ID documents from your old neighborhood that some experienced bouncer can quickly identify as he is used to looking at these records day in and day out. For example, let’s say you’re from California, you should get an Oregon or Arizona ID in a perfect world. These are actually the best state for fake ids.

Should You Get Fake IDs From Your State?
Without a doubt, having the best state for fake id is a fake id in a state adjacent to yours or another. Choosing a fake ID in your state is not a smart move. And when buying a fake ID card, you need to make sure that the idgod is scannable before paying.