Where exactly can you try your luck with a fake ID?


favorite gas station

Things can go horribly wrong when trying your luck. Fortunately, gas stations don’t have this problem. Anyway, usually.

Gas stations are places that don’t require special customer support. Buy gas, get some lotto scratches, and maybe some more Cheez-Its. should do.

Afterwards, nobody pays attention to your idgod fake id. You’ll only find tired reps behind the staff who realize they’re making a sad performance.

Confusingly, when the theft failed, the workers at the gas station were solely responsible for recording the surveillance cameras. Besides that, they are not too careful when checking the id god.

There is only wine there. In addition, alcohol is moderate, convenient and fast, and the gas station is open all day.

In the early hours of the bar, the strike happens when you least expect it

Occasionally, there are places where several people drink. Standard suspects are bars, clubs, or possibly random family gatherings. The bistro is another place where you can enjoy a drink.

This doesn’t seem like an intoxicatingly special location, and it’s well explained. Meanwhile, if you’re just looking for a slight buzz on Thursday night and no brain pain the next day, that’s fine.

Be careful playing old driver’s license my god id game. It’s not something you can throw away at will. There is a contrast between the constant restaurant staff. Since the vast majority of people only drink at night, expect that to be the main time they schedule drinks. The need for a cafe is to have staff at night ready to check ID, not staff during the day. As a result, they are often ignorant of the many subtleties of counterfeiting.

During the day, you might meet people who won’t see the difference between your idgod fake id and your real ID. In the early evening, you may encounter a very attentive officer to actually check your ID.

Honestly, this program cannot be considered safe. Everything might not be great.