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Shipping procedure
The procedure for shipping your id god to your area is the same as when buying id god fake id from other online stores. After successful purchase and payment, you need to choose a shipping process. For a different state, click on a different state and name, then select Shipping.

We offer recurring payments for small packages. However, this is a high priority and security is critical, so mocking the package is recommended. You can develop a suitable camouflage yourself or choose from the specified camouflages when purchasing.

This process makes shipping easier, safer, and more convenient, and allows you to get fake IDs.

To place a fake ID order on, follow a simple process.

When you select an order, the payment form will be displayed. Read the documentation to determine where you need to enter the area that requires basic information.

If your item has been shipped to you, please check the price and shipping. Choose to represent your state by ID. If you need more than one status, specify other different statuses you want the ID to display.

Calculate the total amount and check the idgod prices displayed on the online form. Choose the convenient payment platform you want to pay for.

Enter your payment details and confirm the transfer to

Some online payment platforms include Bitcoin, debit and credit cards linked to online platforms such as Bitcoin–Best payment method, Western Union – Money Transfer, MoneyGram – Money Transfer, Paypal and Bank Transfer. Choose accordingly and choose a convenient payment platform.