How to confidently use your fake ID when a doorman checks ID


Remember your idgod fake id info, horoscope and high school graduation year to fit your fake birth date.

Make sure the address you use on your ID is in a city you’ve researched that you’ve never actually lived in. Learn about the school you will attend and important landmarks. For example, if you have a my god id in Tennessee but never lived there, you should know the landmarks of Graceland, the home of Elvis and other important places.

Remain calm and make eye contact when showing identification. Practice with a friend before using the cards for the first time.

Ideally you want to enter with an adult friend who has a real ID, show their card first. This will make the doorman feel like you are both adults.

When using all the same out-of-state id god fake id in a group, you shouldn’t be in together. For example, it’s not uncommon for 6 friends to show up at a bar in Florida with their Oregon ID. This may be acceptable during spring break, but is suspicious in any other situation. How often do a group of friends who just turned 21 go on vacation together?

Also, in a group, when everyone is in one state, don’t go in together. This is a precaution to protect your friends when the doorman thinks a card in the group is fake or a card in your group is quizzed and messed up. This could affect the whole group, questioning their idgod scannable fake ID is also fake.

Do not enter together, regardless of the status of each card. It’s best to only enter with one other person.

When you enter with another person, make sure you both remember each other’s false identities.

If security asks for a second ID (assuming you’re using your real name), please bring your credit card to show it.

In the summer
There are other legitimate sites where I discuss how to confidently use your fake ID. The reason I don’t is that I know from personal experience that I most want an idgod scannable fake ID.

When you choose out-of-state cards, the quality of the card I’ve received from a site that’s never listed should work at the grocery store. However, a stateless fake ID will cause it to be confiscated by the first doorman you show.

In general, I think it would be wisest to only list ID manufacturers that make fakes.

Use your idgod scannable fake ID with confidence, stay smart and good luck.