ID GOD – Get a fake ID to be part of the crowd


College town bars and restaurants are known for allowing id god fake ids. In fact, fewer than 20 of the 50 states require training for those who sell and serve alcohol. Almost half of these states do not have identity checks as part of the required curriculum. Bodyguards and bartenders across the US have not been properly trained to spot fakes. Given the speed at which fake IDs are being created and developed, bars and restaurants can’t start to differentiate, especially due to a lack of training. The fake IDs flooding the market today are so sophisticated that they can even fool technical scanners.

High-quality idgod scannable IDs tend to fool bouncers and bartenders, but many apparently allow underage drinkers to enter. A steady stream of party-ready freshmen flock to campus, hoping to tap into the town’s most popular drinking spot. If a bouncer is allowed to enter a bar with an idgod fake id, the license of the bar or restaurant is at risk even if the students will spend a lot of money. I know. According to the experts’ Alcoholism: A Clinical and Experimental Study, 66.1% of current and former college students used fake IDs at least once while in college. As a young college student, the desire to party in a college bar was always high, and for obvious reasons. Underage students wish to enter the bar.

Even though bartenders and bouncers may be generous when it comes to underage drinking, there are people in town ready to crack down on this daring freshman. In the college town of Bloomington, Indiana, for example, the excise tax authority (also known as the Indiana Alcohol Enforcement Officer) began working closely with the Bloomington agency over the past two years. Officers were brought to bars not only to catch underage drinkers using fake IDs, but to educate staff who were not properly trained in the tests. Just last year, 62 minors were arrested on identity-related charges at Bloomington’s Bluebird nightclub for three consecutive weeks. Some entered the bar and were charged with petty possession/consumption offences. The use of fake IDs is rampant in Bloomington.

As a “campus accessory,” fake IDs are a common topic in college life. The idea of ​​being involved in illegal activities is not a foreign idea because friends always want to go to bars. High quality id god fake id is as easy to get as jeans ordered online. Also, the idgod prices for high-quality fake ID cards are not too high. As technology continues to improve, fake identities have become more reliable and difficult to distinguish from real transactions.