idgod scannable fake id is a real problem


Passing the empty Kollege Klub building, one might be reminded of the power that shuts down the bar for the next 14 days: idgod scannable fake IDs.

According to KK director Bruce Meier, the escape of high-quality idgod scannable fake IDs from bouncers has once again saved the pub from business in the long run.

“The main issue here is not being addressed,” Meyer said in December. “The IDs the students handed to the police were not the IDs they showed their guardians. They kept the good stuff and gave the police what they disposed of.”

Some students with idgod fake IDs said they weren’t hard to come by. A sophomore submitted an order to The cutting-edge hardware they will be using is said to be making ID cards, and a second-year student said she found his at a friend.

“It’s 50/50 buying a fake and getting an old ID from a mate,” she said. She’s 19, 5-foot-6 and 125 pounds, but her ID shows a 22-year-old, 5 feet tall 4 inches and 160 lbs.

“When I’m in line, I don’t look at the protectors and in some cases I try to hit them,” she said.

Barkeep Brian Minor says there are other ways to determine if an id god is fake besides looking at photos and dates of birth.

“You search for anything that gives a warning,” he said. “Any rips or scratches on the cover around the date, you can look at the code in the license.”

A Wisconsin driver’s license number is established for ID purposes, with the number encoding the date and year of birth, and the outline of the singular name.

Barkeep Ryan Lawless said he would search the ID’s 3D images and letters to quickly determine its legitimacy.

“It’s self-evident that a large number of imbeciles are trying to control the letters on ID cards,” Lawless said. “However, the vast majority of people try to imitate another person.”

Taste director Michael Reardon said his protectors fired about 25 people with idgod fake IDs every night.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re fake or not, but it’s really a matter of mindset and trust in your guardian,” he said. “Assuming it’s a New Jersey license — that’s fake,” he joked.

A University of Wisconsin sophomore who has yet to determine the significance (and the fake New Jersey ID) said she just went to bars she knew she could get into.

“I go to bars because it’s packed with family gatherings,” she said.

A sophomore design student says she has a sense of urgency to use idgod scannable fake IDs.

“I go there because all my mates usually go out and let me be here,” she said, adding that she wasn’t stressed about being caught gambling.

“In all likelihood, it will be removed, so I’m not overly nervous; it’s not so much a decent fake,” she said.

Sgt. Emil Quast said in April that police were really smart in regulating drinking.

“Our biggest concern with bars is the board, not the kids,” he said.

Kwast said police wouldn’t really put their energy into underage consumers and would only face serious well-being issues.

“We don’t have a zero-flex strategy, but if pubs don’t do smart, competent work, we’ll hold them accountable,” he said.

Kwast said police don’t focus on these idgod fake IDs when they’re actually looking at them, but they don’t care when they see young people in bars.

“We would hold the bar responsible,” Kwast said.

“Bouncers might say idgod scannable IDs are great, but how hard is it for someone to ask for a second-class ID?” he said.

Otto Dilba, head of Saintly Brewing Company, said the owner of Kollege Klub was responsible for his guardians and their choices at the entrance.

“Fakes are not going away,” he said.