legitimate idgod fake id supplier


ID God is an idgod fake id provider that has been selling counterfeit products for over 15 years. Their experience has given them the ability to convey reliable and captivating experiences.


You can visit their website idgod.cz. They make it clear because there are bogus destinations out there trying to replicate them. Their idgod website is very basic and easy to explore. While it may have seemed dated and tired from the start, it took care of the business. They provide top-to-bottom assistants in the most skilled way to get the ideal photo with a large number of models. On each ID page, there’s an in-depth look at how they make it look like a real ID.

customer service

idgod.cz usually hits us in 24 hours or less. They answer questions professionally and truthfully and treat us with respect. No doubt it may be slower than some might expect, but the nature of the response is certainly worth the wait.


A request to IDGod is a quick interaction and should be done with little effort. They do have to join, which can be a hurdle for some, but it’s easy at the same time. You can expect that your data should be filled in about 10-15 minutes.


Their pricing is $120 each for 1-3 IDs, $80 each for 4-8, and $60 each for at least 9. Each ID comes with a free copy. That’s an amazing price for the quality they offer, especially when it comes to quality.

quality and safety

idgod.cz really shows their certification in terms of quality. We ordered the Florida idgod scannable ID and everything looked perfect on the front from the photo to the marking. Ultraviolet looks so perfect that it’s hard to distinguish it from its real identity. The markings are correct, look real, and most photos are sharp with a few minor errors. Coverage looks perfect and can be easily assessed by curves. Card check is no problem. Bundles are sent independently.

do we recommend idgod.cz?

This is an incredible choice. They offer better than expected items at reasonable prices. Their abilities and experience will make you sure to use their idgod scannable ID the way you like without stress. Their customer service is better than most and answers with sincerity. Their website may be a bit low, but the quality and certainty of the project has nothing to do with anything else.