“Making fake id ” – Serial 4


Making a fake ID is not easy. In 2004, when I was still a tenth grade student, I bought a fake ID from an old man who was about to graduate for $700. Even at the age of 15, JASON still has an extraordinary entrepreneurial spirit, and naturally wants to monopolize the fake ID transaction of our school. He recalled: “Once I make a breakthrough, I will make a lot of money.”

He paid another $500 for a huge industrial laminating machine, which hums like a washing machine and takes 20 minutes to warm up. Then came a small amount of projector transparencies; I bought a floppy disk containing a fraud template from the New Hampshire DMV from a veteran; the commissioner’s signature; and a tutorial on how to combine them all to make a fake ID,

But JASON underestimated the technology of this counterfeit product. He still needs to solve more problems encountered in actual operation, which is a complicated and tedious process. These include hanging a blue towel on the door of the dormitory room to take a special Polaroid photo, cutting it into a corresponding rectangle, and then peeling off the back layer, leaving only a photo as thin as a razor. He recalled: “I realized later that I needed a laser printer to print these things. However, it was beyond my budget.”
I had to borrow the only printer in the dorm, which belonged to Bill. “I had to lie to the Wang brothers that I was printing important legal documents,” JASON said.

“Unfortunately, BILL finally caught me, ‘we know what you printed on your computer. I won’t refuse you, but I’ll never come near our room again.’”

But the news spread quickly, and there was a sophomore in the dorm making a nearly perfect California ID card. The next day, five senior students contacted him. They wanted to attend a party over 21 years old next weekend.

Obviously, JASON must produce five documents (without a laser printer) within a week, otherwise he may be beaten by five older men. He found an excuse to sneak into the school’s computer lab to print. He recalled: “Everything is very difficult. If I mess up any small details…- For example, the laminations fall off, the picture slides down, if the ink gets dirty …-I must start again.” The worst thing is that if I get caught by the teacher, I will be kicked out of school. “However, he did. “In fact, some people say that fake IDs are the only way they can get all the wine they need for the party on weekends,” JASON proudly said. As a result, he quickly became the most popular on campus People. Then he quickly earned the first pot of gold in his life.