What you need to know about buying fake IDs


How long does it take for God ID to arrive?

It usually takes 2 weeks for the ID to be sent out. It was late and not updated when they finished normal shipping.

Delivery time is 2-3 weeks, depending on the manufacturing process. You can order within 10 days. Cryptocurrencies arrive much faster than other methods, so they may also depend on your payment method.

Do you still know the cost of ID Good Express?

Another shipping option that can get you id god’s package faster is called express. As you can see, it’s also confidential, but faster (around 12 days). If you choose this shipping option, you will pay a small fee ($19.99).

how do i pay god id god ?

Payment methods for all payment methods

Step 1) Use Bitcoin Best Payment Method, Western Union, MoneyGram Transfer, Paypal, Bank Transfer and other payment methods.

Step 2) At the end of the order, you will receive the payer you hired, so please place your order with us.

Step 3) Write down who you think will pay as we say.

Step 4) Save the receipt.

Where are fake ID cards made? China

How much does a fake ID cost?

The idgod prices for fake identities are usually around $120. But if multiple people buy (more than 9 people), the price of each fake ID will be around $60, people use fake IDs to enjoy various services, but if they get caught by the police, they don’t know who is using such documents Danger.

Is DGod closed?

IDGod has been officially shut down by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Hear the screams of freshmen from all over the country.

how can i know fake id idgod scannable?

The AgeID application developed by Intellicheck guarantees accuracy and fast confirmation. The app uses your phone or tablet’s camera to scan the barcode on the back of your id god, such as your driver’s license. Within 10 seconds, the application will verify
Verify the authenticity of the ID and identify the authenticity of the ID.

Is idgod.cz legal?

About idgod.cz Our products are designed with high quality and efficiency, the combination of fast delivery and advanced systems will make your order faster. If you need quality badges, you can trust idgod.cz.

What is the True God ID?

idgod.cz is an idgod website that provides fake driver’s licenses and ID cards. Their product range is quite extensive. The list of fake IDs in the US is huge – California, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas and 50 states). Their website is easy to navigate and order.