Which U.S. states are best for fake IDs?


According to reviews and most reviews by previous fake ID users, California, Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Connecticut are the best states for fake IDs. A realistic fake ID card with all the security features of a real card, microprinting, laser engraving, optically variable data and UV lighting.

Do fake IDs work in Las Vegas?

Casinos, clubs and bars do not sell games or alcoholic beverages to minors at the risk of having their license revoked. Unless she has her fake passport, wait until she’s 21 and use her real ID. Gaming and law enforcement are very strict about this.

Why can fake IDs be scanned?

The cards are sold to minors as “scannable fake IDs.” It will scan, but the information printed on the card matches the information stored on the card. If the data on the face of the card does not match the data stored on the card, the ID may be fake.

What does a fake ID scan mean?

Date of birth and expiry date are recorded on the ID card in one scan. Then, based on the scan date, the software calculates whether the ID has expired (if so) or whether the ID owner is at least a certain age (eg 18 or 21).