Who is idgod.cz? What can be done?


Who is idgod.cz?

idgod.cz is the most famous fake identity seller in the world. Do you want evidence? We’ve been featured in magazines like USA Today, Signal, and Study Break. We’re still the biggest source of fake IDs for US colleges – when one thinks
ID, they came up with idgod.cz.

What can we do?

We provide high quality ID documents at affordable prices. Each ID comes with a free copy and tracking number. All IDs are programmed to scan and pass the backlight test. And…we will do more! We offer you to spend time with your friends

A chance for a good time!

We’re a one-stop destination for teen adults looking to have fun with friends during late night parties, prom nights and more. If you want to create a fake ID of your own, we are the best choice.

All our fake ID cards are made of high quality materials or substances used to print counterfeit products. Additionally, our fake IDs have special/secret features included in some state IDs. For example, if you want to create a fake ID for your New York ability

When creating a new Ohio ID, I make sure the ID sounds like solid wood and contains upside-down and hidden characters.

Apart from that, you can also get some eye-catching features from our fake ID cards.

Affordable and High Quality Counterfeit IDs All counterfeit IDs come with a free copy and tracking number. Our fake ID passed the scan and backlight test.