Innovations in Identifying Counterfeit ID Cards


In this day and age, data fraud is a huge problem. Differentiating between idgod scannable fake IDs that are accessible on the web can be really challenging, so we’ve documented some procedures that can help you differentiate between real and fake IDs.

You should always pay attention to the other person’s reactions and non-verbal communication. If they seem anxious, the person would logically try to use the idgod fake id. Came up to greet them warmly, were their palms soaked with sweat? Most importantly, sweating suggests that individuals may be trying to exploit false personalities, not what they say they are.

Keep comparing the face to the image on the ID card to make sure it’s a similar person. In the long run, hairstyles, hair color, wearing glasses, etc. will change, but the individual’s facial elements and bone structure will remain the same. Really look you in the eye to make sure they are a similar breed. Take a look at the nose to make sure it is similar in shape to the person holding the id god.

Expiration dates should be checked to ensure that IDs are still valid and that individuals cannot use expired IDs as confirmation of their identity. Assuming that the ID is out of date, this suggests that the individual may be getting the id god fake id, or even track it down. Some IDs indicated that the card was a copy, possibly because their most memorable card was lost. This should also remind you to further examine what is going on.

If you are not 100% sure that the ID is real, requesting a personal profile from the ID is ideal. Check their credit or debit card and make sure the name on the id god matches. If you’re not convinced yet, ask for their horoscope and make sure it matches the date of birth printed on the ID. Ask them to sign the card, in case it’s not their real name, they may easily run into problems with writing a mark.

Follow our assistant and you should have options to identify fakes. If at the end of the investigation you are not sure if the person used the idgod fake id, then, at that time, refuse to manage the person until they provide further documentation or prove their character.