Is idgod legal?


Is idgod legal?

Yes, our internet based store is a completely legal association. Our customers can find our reviews on the website. Likewise, our organization has long been dominated by fake IDs. We’re still working when our clients return or suggest us to their peers. Our customer base is critical to our future business development. I think one of your mates got an idgod scannable fake ID from us. Ask your colleagues and you will get more data about our management.

How to take the ideal ID photo?

To get high quality false reports that should be checked and valuable, you really want to make a decent ID. This is essential for a decent idgod fake id. Click on the link how to make the ideal photo for fake ID, where you can get more familiar with making extraordinary fake ID photos.

Which payment methods do you use?

We like to pay with Bitcoin. If you don’t have digital currencies, you can get them online at various stages like Local Bitcons or Coin Mama. Choose a more reasonable payment strategy and pay after we get payment confirmation, we will move your request to the creation stage.

Can I pay for my fake ID with Mastercard or Paypal at any time?

Yes, we accept Bitcoin–Best payment method, Western Union – Money Transfer, MoneyGram – Money Transfer, Paypal and Bank Transfer and other payment methods. And idgod prices are cheap, starting at $60 (group orders).

Can fake IDs be scanned? is your #1 source for high quality fake ID cards, we have been making high quality scannable fake ID cards since 2004. idgod scannable fake ID cards are very popular among young people in the United States. We never disappoint any client. Our fake ID page lists every feature that comes with our ID. Feel free to use them.

Can I use my specific/custom name, expiry date, address or license number on the ID card?

Yes, you can submit your order with custom name, age, address, expiration date, signature and other information. We even allow you to choose your desired hair color, eye color or endorsement on the license. But we’ve noticed that our clients need to be vigilant when doing this.

You should not order from us with a custom license number unless you know what format a particular state’s license number is, because if you use the wrong format, your idgod fake id could be found by any in-state clerk as Fake or bodyguard.

We allow you to leave fields such as expiration, date of issue, and license number or category blank. By leaving them blank, our system generates custom license numbers and the rest of the credentials using our “fake ID generation system” which is as accurate as DMV software. So if you don’t know what to write or fill out, let us do it for you.