Steps to identify a fake ID


Just ordering my god id will not benefit you. You should make sure that the fake ID will work for your payment purpose.

You really want to focus on these signs to make sure that you get a fake ID of good quality and won’t cause you any difficulties in the process of using it.

Your photo should be very clear and indistinguishable from the photo you provided to the fake ID merchant.

The presence of 3D images that change hue upon development and the attractive stripes on the back of the ID are signs of a legitimate idgod scannable fake ID.

Your fake ID material should be plastic or good quality paper normally used for real ID cards.

Your private location, or the location you provide to fake ID merchants, should be accurately expressed there.

The size of the card is basic. Whether it’s a visa, a driver’s license or a student ID, in these cases the length and width of the card are important and will be checked against the real card when a counterfeit card is obtained.

Minorities such as ethnicity, country code of issue, name and date of birth should all appear on your id god fake id in a similar request with the correct alignment to appear on the first card.

Every country has its security elements to avoid duplication. Make sure your fake ID provider understands these subtleties, so no matter what country or state you live in, your fake ID can bypass all security measures in that country in order to use such cards safely.

The text size, typesetting, surface, etc. of the fake ID card should be carefully observed before actual use. Combined with an existing real ID, it can help you determine the nature of a fake ID.

Generally, people tend to think that is a protected and reasonable place to get your idgod scannable ID within a time frame that you can determine.