The Best Scannable Fake ID Sites in 2022


Fake IDs are the first choice for most undergraduates in the United States. While the legal age of enjoyment in almost every other country on the planet is around 16-19, the US makes life harder for everyone by making everyone stick to 21.

Regardless, most researchers have figured out how to get around this limitation. A fake ID purchased from the trusty idgod website can last 2-3 years until you are finally allowed into a dance club or legally buy a pot of Henney.

During our exploration of this area, we found that about 65% of sites that offer idgod fake ids are not genuine – that is, they take your well-deserved cash, and another 10-15% send you an Items with fake IDs that are read and cannot be used in this state.

We’ve done the hard work for yourself and show you the best Fake ID sites updated in 2022.

Best fake ID provider

They are the Rolls Royce of idgod scannable fake ID makers. The name “ID Card God” is often the main thing that rings the alarm bells when people contemplate fake ID cards at school. Starting around 2014, ID God has become the largest ID provider in the United States before being shut down by US senators. Later, stood out among many fake ID card websites and became the best and most trustworthy fake ID card website to replace the ID card god.

They have one of the widest variety of cards and they have the cheapest idgod prices – their product is top notch and the cost you pay is reasonable. When customers buy 3 or more IDs, they do get a pretty big price cut, and 9+ IDs even get a half-price discount. So if you have several companions, it is more straightforward to keep the cost in your wallet.

Customers in many states have confirmed that they will definitely pass the ID scan, so if you need an idgod scannable fake license that won’t let you down – is the place to get it. There’s also no lack of auditing on the web, so it’s worth emphasizing that you don’t have to worry about them being here the first day and disappearing the next day.

They have the best reputation of all fake ID sellers and they guarantee that all fake IDs will scan successfully.