Where to get fake IDs


With the advent of digitization, you can even get idgod scannable fake ID cards easily at home.

Just contact idgod.cz through their website and give them your photo, address, ethnicity and the kind of fake ID you really want. You will have it delivered to your home in no time.

As an idgod reseller, we always hide and protect our customers’ personalities in idgod.cz because this is the USP of our organization. We will give you a first class idgod scannable id which is actually like a real id.

Likewise, you can find community providers through internet-based taxonomies or peer recommendations. Still, it’s best to stay away from it, as these sources often turn out to be scammers.
Be careful

Using my god id is an art. Still, you really want to take this course cautiously, given how dangerous it is for you.

Try not to put these cards in your old neighborhood or local location, as family members or neighbors you know may ask you to be there and report them to your family.

Try to go to very good quality bars and clubs with a group of mates who frequent these places and have real character. This way the bouncer doesn’t think you have the idgod fake id , and you can undoubtedly try not to filter it when you get in there.

The beginning with this fake card is unpretentious, so you should be extra careful with your practice. Being friendly to your protector can also save you from detection.

You can use this card to have a drink with your family at the bar and it will help you protect yourself. However, do this with caution in case you don’t want your parents to know to use this god fake id .

Identify fake IDs

Suppose you request an idgod scannable fake ID from idgod.cz, you can be confident that the card looks real and no one knows it’s fake.

Nonetheless, as a buyer, you should have a basic understanding of the qualities of a fake ID.

The presence of a standardized label on the card indicates its legitimacy. The photo you provide to the provider should exactly match the photo on the card. It should be the same.

Blurry or cluttered pictures can cost you when using fake IDs of such poor quality.

The presence of 3D images showing different shades as the card moves also shows that you’re doing a good job.

Attractive strips usually appear on the back of the card, this is also very useful for your id god fake id, take advantage of it to protect you.

Lastly, covered cardstock, usually made of paper or plastic, can give your fake ID the flawlessness of a real ID.

So from this data, you can understand how and where to get idgod scannable fake IDs and how to check the nature of such IDs.