What users really say about idgod


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However, many people still question the security of the idgod website, so we’ve compiled some real testimonials from idgod users.

  1. Don’t worry – you get what you ordered.
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  1. I lost my old fake ID a few months ago. Now I got another one from idgod.cz. will keep it in a safe place. I’m actually a relatively experienced user and know that fake IDs are great.

Today, manufacturers can provide idgod scannable fake ID cards with holograms that no one can tell from the real from the fake. Mine have been inspected and tested with UV light regularly enough for me to say that fake IDs look as real as your life! It’s perfect for those who are active and can’t wait. why not? Love the ideas and opportunities it offers!

  1. I hope all online stores are as professional and prompt in order as the one I contacted!

The id god fake id they provide are of high quality and you can use them when you need a nice place to relax with your family.

Even if your expectations are high, they have a product that will never let you down. They can boast of some recently invented methods and measures to protect documents: both holographic and UV symbols are included, so even skilled and professional staff and their testers will never distinguish between your fake ID and your real ID certificate! thanks

  1. Wow! What an incredible person! Last time we went out and stopped by the local nightclub to see what was going on there – dozens of people and the pop beat coming from inside grabbed our attention, luckily I had my California idgod scannable fake ID on me certificate and use it. It went through security and the UV symbol on it proved my identity was fine. It worked very well, although I was prepared for the most “unexpected” results. The guard let us through and we were at the party all night. One thing is for sure – fake IDs are now widely used by young people. I don’t mind at all!
  2. Ultraviolet proof fake ID cards are practical and absolutely effective! I would never have thought of any other options to come and go where I’ve always wanted to go. I received my idgod fake id a few weeks ago. My first order was a success and the manufacturer did not let me down. I received 100% of what I expected. The card is of the highest quality. Amazed to see that modern technology and creative thinking can create such miracles. I bet you won’t regret getting a fake ID. The key is to find the right fake ID manufacturer – consult a manufacturer already recommended by other clients and you’ll never have a problem!
  3. I placed my order on July 1, 2021 and have been looking for a tracking number for the past week. Until July 5, 2021, I finally have a tracking number, so I’d say it’s fast. I’m totally crazy to say this, but I wonder if idgod is more legal for girls than for guys. Like a bar or a frat, people want girls and not men. My group was 5 girls ordering ID and it was a very quick process. I will reply when they deliver.
  4. Got my ID card (idgod.cz) from them. Great quality, almost perfect. The only problem is that the blues are a bit off, but in photo backgrounds, other than that they’re great. I ordered 3 idgod scannable ID cards (CA DL) each with a copy. Paid them $350 including expedited and it took about a week or so. The packaging is also very discreet.